Land Clearing

Whether you need a thousand acres cleared or space cleared for a simple barn, we got you covered!

We remove any trees and stumps standing in the way and scoop out the top soil to clear the area of vegetation. We can shift the dirt around as needed to level the area or to create any other kind of earth structure you might require.

When we think about all the brush and vegetation and trees and stumps that need to be cleared from a site, not to mention all the dirt that needs to be shifted to level the site, we’re very glad that we live in the age of technology. Our equipment is perfect for clearing away large tracts of vegetation and top soil, leaving behind a solid foundation for a new construction. If you need us to leave some areas (such as certain trees and the surrounding root systems) alone while we clear away the land, we can absolutely do that too.

The fastest way to clear land is to use machines. Depending on the topography and size of the area, specialized equipment can clear land within hours or a few days. You’ll save time and your back by renting equipment or hiring a team to clear the land for you. Bulldozers can cut right under the topsoil to remove plants, hydro-axes can shred trees in a matter of seconds, and stump grinders and root raking tools make it a snap to make the area smooth and obstacle-free for any future use.

Knowing how to clear land is useful no matter how large your property, but if you don’t have the time, tools or manpower necessary to clear land yourself, give us a call. We offer you an affordable, professional service that will get much of the hard work done for you. We will prepare the land for your future goals, whether you wish to build a home, start a farm or set up a recreational oasis.

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