We can bury those downspouts to move water away from your foundation to save from costly repairs.

Do you have a downspout and the rain water is running back towards your house and into the basement? The main reason for burying the downspout is to carry the water away from the foundation. To do this, the downspout needs to be angled slightly away from the house. In areas with plenty of rainfall, it could empty into a French Drain. By keeping the downspout emptying into a trench that carries it from the foundation, you’re keeping the house much safer as it reduces the risk of the foundation weakening.

When looking at a house, you’ll see that the downspout running down from the gutters is buried into the ground. Occasionally, downspouts are fitted in such a way that simply lets the water come out of the downspout to spread into the garden with the use of an extender. However, there are many good reasons why people might bury a downspout. Read on to learn about how burying a downspout can increase the look of a home, outdoor safety and the function of the draining system.

Another reason for burying a downspout is safety. Where a tail is put on a downspout, it’s possible that people could trip over it. Children could be running around or guests could be walking around the property. Catching oneself on a downspout could result in injury and in some cases, this could end up with a lawsuit.

The tail is fitted so water is pushed away from the house and this is necessary to preserve the ongoing structural integrity of the foundation. Rather than using a tail that is 12 inches long or more which can definitely trip people, homeowners opt for burying the downspout or using an extension that rolls out when waters runs into it. Holes in this extension mean the water is distributed away from the ground and the extension automatically rolls up as it dries. This has a practical use but doesn’t look particularly good. People can still trip over the extension.

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